Our Story

Craving the Curls is a family business run by us…Randy & Renee Hayden…a husband and wife team and our daughters. Discovering rolled ice cream sparked an idea that sent our lives into a new direction. After endless research and planning, the crazy decision to open a vibrant and unique shop featuring an unknown dessert has become a life changing event. From the beginning, the entire family participated in every decision ranging from menu items, equipment purchases, and hiring of staff. We designed a space that was intriguing and alive. We wanted customers to hang out with us, spend time with their friends, and fill our shop with laughter and good times. The ladies in the family share a defining characteristic. We all have curly hair…thus the name of our shop naturally is “Craving the Curls”. Craving the Curls pays attention to every detail and extra effort is ingrained into all aspects of the business. We love what we do and pride ourselves on creating something that is entirely unique.